Student Research Programs

Barnard offers a wealth of programs to help students get hands-on research experience.

Summer Research Institute 2022

Students in the Field

Jennifer Perusini ’10

“Barnard provided me an outlet to freely explore my passions. Because I’ve held on to the sense of confidence and purpose Barnard instilled in me, I decided to pursue my wildest dreams and make the jump from neuroscientist to biotech entrepreneur.” —Jennifer Perusini ’10

Sophia Liu and Alice Sardarian at a poster session

“The Department of Biology has provided countless opportunities to explore my field of interest and delve into more independent investigation, through Guided Research & Seminar and hands-on courses like Lab in Physiology.” —Alice Sardarian ’21


Rachel Nordlicht class of 2020

“Since I stepped foot on Barnard’s campus, I was encouraged to pursue my inquisitive nature. In all my classes, science or not, I was taught to speak up and ask questions. As a Beckman Scholar, I utilized these questioning skills to delve deeper into my research and advance science.” —Rachel Nordlicht ’20